About me - Uwe Heimburger

Profession - At the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel I studied Computer Science. Afterwards I joined the IT department of a well known insurance company. I'm still working there.

Hobbys - Since the age of fourteen I'm practicing photography and play the guitar accompanied by singing. In addition I discovered traditional taekwondo as physical balance to my work in the office some years ago.

Photography & Motivation - I see something that stirs my attention. I think about how I could capture this impression and connected feelings within an image. I think about how to transport these to an audiance. That’s my motivation to engage intensively with the whole process from image composition to presentation. For me photography is more than just document a moment. I's my aim to reach the audiance emotionally, including myself - now and in the future.

It’s a pleasure for me to improve and develop my creative and craftsmanship capabilities within the whole process - from image vision to presentation. From catpure to digital post processing and presentation - whatever kind.

Besides taking photographs and digital development a complete digital workflow involves a last step: making fine art prints. This step ist very complex, expensive and time consuming. Until now I therefore let print my photographs by a good print service provider. But most of the time I enjoy my photographs on an iPad.

Equipment History - With photography I started using the pocket camera Agfamatic 2000 pocket. My father owned a Pentax MX SLR and three K-Mount lenses. The possibility to use these lenses let me choose the Pentax ME Super when going SLR photography. After some years I used a Canon EOS 100 in addition. This camera supported with a fast and silent ultrasonic autofocus. 

With every camera I caught the light on negative and positive film material. Sometimes I digitize old film captures using a Reflecta ProScan 7200 film scanner (same as Pacific Image Electronics - PrimeFilm 7250u).

The compact camera Canon Powershot A75 was my step into the digital world, followed by Canon Powershot G10. The latter let me experience digital raw and I discovered the advantages of post processing based on a good raw converter. Today I mostly use the DSLRs Pentax K-1 , KP and Pentax K-5. The DNG raw files I post process in Capture One Pro. In special cases in addition Affinity Photo, Raw Therapee, Helicon Focus, PT GUI and Exiftool are involved in my digital workflow.

Website - Photographer, Musician and Software Developer inside me form a interdisciplinary team. Together they decided to develop a website for presentation of my work and blog articles. After long lasting development I'm very happy to present you my website fotostellwerk.de