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Trichromatic Image Creation - Ready To Take Off

by Uwe Heimburger

In Affinity Photo I performed two steps not mentioned until now:

  • I exported the basic trichromatic layer structure as a template file and
  • created an export format template.

In the future using the Trichromatic Affinity Photo Template (Layer Structure) and the icc-profile it will take only a few minutes to get a color optimized image. Precondition: filter setting and lighting conditions fit. Otherwise we need to create another icc profile for the new conditions.

Hint: If we create the Affinity Photo Template based on an image capture, metadata is used from this specific shot even if we might have deleted the image representation. This may not be intended, since then a wrong lens or camera might be reported in subsequent image developments.

What's open? - I think more trichromatic images ... but maybe also some afterthoughts. Cool

Toys - Red, Green and Blue image plus color result.

A gift from friends.

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