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Trichromatic Image Creation - Monochrome Shooting

by Uwe Heimburger


  • Pentax K3iiiMono on Tripod, DA20-40Ltd.
  • Red, Green and Blue Color Filter (from Neewer Filter set)
  • Xrite Mini ColorChecker Classic Color Card (now Calibrite branded)

To create an icc profile for trichromatic images we need to capture a reference color card using a red, green and blue optical filter in front of the lens.

We get three monochrome files (shoot raw!) where the graytones are influenced by the individual color filters used. So the captured data of the files is different. To make communication easy I'll call these monochrome captures Red file, Green file and Blue file.

I'd recommend to always do the captures in fixed order Red - Green - Blue because in post processing, you need to know which capture was made using which filter. To get not confused, when transferred to my computer I append a postfix to each of the filtered captures - "_Red", "_Green" and "_Blue". 

Lighting conditions for my captures: strong overcast sky - very dim light through window pane leading to long exposures.

Camera Setup: K3iiiMono in Av mode - ISO 200, f/8, DA20-40@40mm, file format: raw DNG

Color calibration target: Xrite Color Calibration Card

Exposure times:

  • Monochrome capture without filter: 4s
  • Red file: 13s (= +1 2/3 stops)
  • Green file: 10s (= +1 1/3 stops)
  • Blue file: 10s (= +1 1/3 stops)

From now on, I'll try to incorporate you a bit more using "we". Hope this is ok.

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