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Trichromatic Image Creation - Calibration & Profiling

by Uwe Heimburger

Tool: Xrite ColorChecker Camera Calibration
Input: Our Trichromatic Color Calibration Image

Now we want to generate calibration and profiling data based on our input image and original color card reference data.

I try to define the terms:

Calibration = standardize luminance and color temperature to industry standards. I don't own a studio environment where I could control the lighting conditions for my color calibration target exactly. But I think the shooting conditions weren't too bad. Using the White Balance Tool in post, might show how much off standards the conditions were. We'll see.

Profiling = generate a color transformation table using a color target and software that will compute differences between reference color image data and our individual Trichromatic Color Calibration Image. The result will be written into an individual icc profile file.

We open the app ColorChecker Camera Calibration and choose mode ICC-TIFF.

Via drag and drop we import our Trichromatic Color Calibration Image into the main window of the ColorChecker Camera Calibration app, then we press the button "Create Profile".

If everything went well, the app tells us that a profile was successfully created. We should name it using filter and lighting setup. In our case "neewerRGBFilterTrichromatic-DimLight.icc" makes sense. The icc profile will be located in the standard location for icc-profiles of the operating system (at least on MacOS).

Now we'd like to see if the generated icc profile does its job. This is the topic of my next post.

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