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Trichromatic Image Creation - Applying The icc Profile

by Uwe Heimburger

Tool: Capture One Pro 22 (C1Pro)

  • Trichromatic Color Calibration Image in C1Pro Session Folder
  • generated icc profile at the standard os location

Maybe I could do this step also using Affinity Photo but I prefer Capture One Pro with sessions. So let's see how this test step is done in this raw converter.

We start Capture One Pro from scratch. This makes sure that the app will find our icc profile automatically.

As a first test we now want to apply the icc profile to our Trichromatic Color Calibration Image. We select this image and connect it with the generated icc profile. This needs to be done using the Basic Characteristics Tool ...

  • ICC Profile: the generated icc profile is shown with its name within the "Others" folder. We select it.
  • Curve: Linear Response

The image looks already good, but White Balance seems to be a bit off. Earlier I talked about the not controlled lighting conditions my color calibration target shots were taken. Applying White Balance solves this problem.

The following image comparison shows our basic Trichromatic Color Calibration Image on the left side and the version with applied icc profile on right. For both images White Balance via gray field (row 3, column 4) is applied.

The colors of the profiled version looks more vivid and meets the original Xrite Color Calibration Card's very well.

Final Step - Export for Presentation

The final step is to export the image with an export recipe defining the output format (file format, RGB profile, size, metadata, ...).

Be aware that this exported file should use a proper usual RGB profile like sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto RGB, ... Applying the generated icc-Profile to these images will apply all the icc profile's corrections once more. So this will lead to crazy colors.

Now we are ready to distribute and present our masterpiece or continue optimizing by example in Affinity Photo to get rid of color fringing!

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