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Sycamore Maple Tree (PSR)

by Uwe Heimburger

(PentaxForums, 2017-11-25, 15:38) Another tree. Photographed in September • K-1 • DA28-105@45 - I didn't realize the slightest movement in the scenery. So made a Pixel Shift Resolution image. 
When I first inspected the psr dng raw file in RawTherapee I saw this "movement mask".


Doesn't makes sense to develop it in Raw Therapee to get benefits from a 16 bit tiff "from 4 frames developed" PSR image. So just developed the dng in Capture One where of course only the first image is taken.

Time has gone by and I discovered the image in my catalog again. This time I thought I'd give it a try and developed the image in Raw Therapee as a 16 bit tiff based on the pixel shift algorithm. The masked parts are substituted by the first image input.

The tiff file I developed further in Capture One Pro at base characteristic "linear response" mainly using curves and two color editor generated masks for the local adjustments editor. My feeling is that I got a significant better image with more detail than developing only the first image of the pixel shift file in Capture One.

My conclusion: although the "movement mask" in RawTherapee may indicate not much benefit, there could be some - happy I did give it a try! Lächelnd

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