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Shore and Woodwork

by Uwe Heimburger

At least once a year I am here in this area - sandy high coast at the baltic sea. It doesn’t look that nice and inviting but I like it.

I study the environment. Broken trees skidded down. Wheather beaten. Light with slight yellow tint. I have time. Walkstool with me for relaxed work sitting under the natural studio sky.

Days later I process the pictures with my favorite raw converter Capture One Pro. From the first moment it's apparent to me. In this case I just have to soften most images to get the feeling of smooth texture transported to the beholder. Exactly the opposite of going sharp like many people often strive for. And they fail with getting oversharpened pictures without transporting emotions. 

Broken Trees & Walkstool

It's end of March 2018 and it’s cold. But my softshell trousers, jacket and gloves with removeable caps easily keep me warm. If there were people passing, they surely wouldn’t see what I see ...

Whale Head


Smooth Skin of Wood


Moraine Monster




Stone and Mud of Sand


Naked Tree with Shadow






Shore's Escape

Pictures made with K-1 • DFA28-105WR on Tripod.

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