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Raindrops Focus Stacked

by Uwe Heimburger

Since yesterday evening it’s been raining. While rain had a break I thought I could do a stack of a flower with a lot of nice rain drops on the blossom. So I used tripod and macro rail to do the job. Here’s one image of the stack …

One image of the stack.

Hm, working in C1P I selected some pictures of the stack and called Helicon Focus. Rendering Method B was pre set. I was pretty surprised since the result wasn’t what I expected …

Oh, an unexpected result.

Although not very realistic I like it very much. I had not only selected the images I wanted to use but also the ones I had taken at f/8 and f/11. They ought to be something like "control" images. Interesting effect. A second try without the "control" images showed that the main problem was using method B for this scenario. So by this fault I learned how I can get a nice artistic effect. This could be helpful in the future.

Ok. Now the result using Rendering Method A …

The proper stacked result.

This shows what I expected but in my book looks a bit boring compared to the second image. So to tell the truth, my favorite is the „artistical“ version.

P.s. My last try was using Rendering Method C. Result was similar that of Rendering Method A that I preferred in the end.

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