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Monochrome GIF Canvas Slide Shows

by Uwe Heimburger

you may know that GIF files can be animated using the open source software GIMP.

Concerning colors GIF is very restrictive. Only 256 colors are possible. If used for color images, mostly ugly color banding will be present. But for our JPG or PNG 8 Bit greytone / monochrome images it's perfectly usable, since 8 bit greyscale are only 256 shades of grey! No banding to be expected.

Last weekend I did a photo walk in Munich and wrote the german article Odeonsplatz, Hofgarten, Residenz about it. Then thought a GIF slide show would be a nice addition.

I used Affinity Designer to generate each single slide, since for me work is much easier and more reliable done in this software compared to GIMP. Only one Designer file for all data needed. I chose a square canvas like in the good old times when I projected my analog slides. The images show different aspect ratios in landscape and portrait orientation. Unfortunately Affinity Designer/Photo doesn't support animated GIF. 

So after I had created the full set of slides, I imported them as layers into GIMP arranged the slides for correct order in the Layers Tool and then exported the bunch as GIF animation. Really easy and fast done.

I'm happy to present the resulting Monochrome GIF Canvas Slide Show. Hope you enjoy!

A GIF Animation In Addition To The German Article "Odeonsplatz, Hofgarten, Residenz"

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