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A Love Story

by Uwe Heimburger

Yesterday I came across a daisy family.

One of the crowd called „Hello acoufap, could you please make a photograph of us ... and keep attention that I’m the most sharpest?“  „Hmm, I’d love nothing more than that, I said.“, thinking I knew from which one the call came from. So I made the photograph.

I showed it to the group. „What did you do!“, I heard a voice coming from the right side of the sharpest daisy. I immediately recognized my mistake. Verlegen

Not the nearest daisy but the second from the right put the initial request. What a pity. „I beg your pardon“, I said and hurried to make another photograph.

„I love you“, she finally said when I showed the new picture.

What more could I hope for? And isn’t it funny what we K-1 shooters can experience? Zwinkernd

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