• Selbstbewußter Elefant

    Self-confident elephant

    (Tierpark Hellabrunn, München)

  • Bananen & Äpfel

    Bananas & Apples

  • Music Hall - Sound of the Clarinet

    Klang der Klarinette

    Sound of the Clarinet

  • Ammersee am späten Nachmittag

    Ammersee in the late afternoon

  • Baumensemble


    Tree Ensemble

  • Abendsee


    Lake in the Evening

  • Pinkwald


    Pink Wood

  • Lichtermeer

    Binsengrasmikado im Lichtermeer

    Blue rush in a sea of lights

  • Herbstfarben


    Autumn Colors

  • Kleine Blume

    Kleine Blume

    Little Flower

  • Schattenblätter



  • Nerven im Eis

    Nerven im Eis

    Nerves in the ice

  • Rose mit Fliege

    Rose with fly

Digital Seeing Hearing Understanding.

Bug And Crocuses


In this internet presence you see a small selection of my black & white and color images. They are shown using slide shows, single image presentation and albums.

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